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U doba interneta, muzeji ostaju u koraku sa vremenom otvarajući instagram naloge. Samo par klikova i možete i Vi da gledate predivne izložbe!

#WorkoftheWeek Damien Hirst's 'Away from the Flock' is currently on display at Pier Arts Centre, Orkney as part of @ARTISTROOMS "'Away from the Flock', a flock of sheep. When a sheep gets lost from all the other sheep. Then I suppose that it has those religious connotations … being an outsider, not being connected to something. That was a title that came right at the very end. I don’t know where that title came from … 'Away from the Flock' in a way is like: it is dead, so it is away from the living as well in that kind of way, the flock of living things. All those things, I never really look for a meaning, it is just if it feels right, gives a lot of the right kinds of meaning … And Christ is often represented as a sheep in art." – Damien Hirst #ARTISTROOMS #TateonTour #installation #DamienHirst #Hirst

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We look forward to introducing our new Lobby greeters to the world this week. #KAWS | ? @danagluck

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This #FossilFriday is a Florida native! Metaxytherium floridanum is a 12-million-year-old sea cow. The earliest known fossils of sea cows are found in 50-million-year-old marine sediments, yet even at that early stage, two groups of sea cows had already evolved—the dugongs and the manatees. Metaxytherium is an extinct dugong. Unlike manatees, dugongs lack nails on their flippers, and have a deeply notched tail fin with two pointed lobes. This fossil was collected in 1929 in Gadsden County, Florida. Another immense dugong species, the Stellar sea cow, survived until around the year 1800 in the waters of the North Pacific. Reaching a length of almost 25 feet (7.5 meters) and weighing about 9,000 lbs (4,000 kg), it was hunted to extinction by humans. See this fossil in the Museum’s Hall of Advanced Mammals. AMNH/C.Chesek

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Save the date: в четверг, 2 июля, пройдет вторая встреча цикла «Просто искусство / Just Art» — c художником, теоретиком современного искусства, куратором Стасом Шурипой. Шурипа — один из важнейших представителей отечественной художественной сцены, преподаватель Института проблем современного искусства, автор множества текстов об искусстве и наставник целого поколения молодых художников. Начало встречи в 19:30, место: ЛАБ, вход свободный. ____________ Save the date: on July 2 at Garage LAB the second meeting with artist within the series of discussions JUST ART, is taking place. The guest of the meeting will be Stas Shuripa, artist, art theorist, curator, tutor. Start at 7:30 pm, entrance is free. #музейгараж #garagemca #лето2015 #art #contemporaryart #summer #theory #philosophy

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